About Us


Welcome to Madame Ladybug!

An escape from reality to fantasy! In a world revolving around over 6 billion people, our world revolves around YOU! We are here to make that time of month "the" time of month. This is the stop where all your cravings, guilty pleasures, hearts true desires are met exceeding your expectations.


Madame Ladybug is created for women, by women. We are more than just a tampon delivery service. We are a catering service for women. It’s our goal to support, empower, and encourage women through their challenging and sometimes painful symptoms of PMS.


Unlike other companies, Madame Ladybug is giving you the option to just purchase a single box at a time. We won’t expect a long term commitment if you haven’t had a chance to try us out first. If you love the service we provide (and we really hope you do!), you can subscribe a couple of months in advance. With our busy lives, sometimes we can barely remember when our period is coming at all, let alone to purchase a box ahead of time!


We hope, through our Lady box, to remind you that you are not alone; we are right there with you! We have put a lot of thought, love and effort in designing and creating our Lady boxes only for you to have a simple, happy and comfortable period. Although we can't make your period disappear, we have made it our mission to help relieve as much pain, discomfort, and inconvenience for you as possible. Let us turn your dreaded time of the month into an opportunity (okay, let’s just call it what it is – an excuse) to pamper ourselves. After all, it’s hard work being a woman! We definitely deserve it.


With Madame Ladybug it's about time you started looking forward to your period!


With lots of love,