How Madame Ladybug works?


Ok Ladies,


So here are three steps to having a simpler, happier, and more comfortable period.  




STEP 1: Choose a package plan that fits your Menstrual needs.



Each package has something different to offer. Factors like your cycle's length, personal needs, and cravings are something to consider when choosing a package plan. We would like to encourage you to try all three of our packages and judge for yourself which one you prefer to be in a long term relationship with. 



STEP 2: Choose your brand and type of tampons/pads.




If you don't see your favorite brand listed above, don't worry! Just leave us a cart note when checking out of the brand you want, and we will take care of the rest.

Our Tampons listed are all unscented. If you'd like scented tampons please let us know by leaving us a cart note. 




STEP 3: Decide how long you want to be catered to. 


             1 MONTH, 3 MONTHS, or 6 MONTHS


Here at Madame Ladybug we have three subscription options for you to choose from. We find that it is more convenient for our customers to pick and choose which months they would like to be served. Our 1 month option is a single box purchase, not a monthly subscription.  For our 3 month and 6 month subscription we require payment for the 3 or 6 months upon checkout. This is solely because we feel that for our customers it would be a sigh of relief knowing that the next three or six months are paid for without having to worry about budgeting for the months ahead. We here at Madame Ladybug want all our customers to feel like they are in control and that we are here just to serve and cater to their every need. Our world revolves are YOU!






After receiving your "Ladybox" don't forget to share your thoughts and concerns with us. Remember it is our job to make you happy!