We are pleased and excited to announce the Madame Ladybug video commercial contest!!!  


There's a lot of honest period talk out there these days but let's face it ladies, tampon ads are usually made by people who have no idea what it's like to have a period! Have you ever found yourself getting angry over how periods are portrayed?! Here's your chance to create entertaining and shareable videos that explains what Madame Ladybug does and why we matter to you! Be creative! Have fun!


What we're looking for?

- A  30- 60 second video recorded in HD format (DSLR, 4K, iPhone)

- Entertaining and shareable video content that explains what Madame Ladybug is all about

- The tone should be fun and lighthearted

- Feel free to place the product in your videos but there is no obligation to do so



1st prize: 500$ cash and bragging rights!

2nd prize: 250$ cash! 

3rd prize: 6 month subscription to Madame Ladybug!



Open to residents of USA and Canada, 18 years and older